Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN: A Conversation Between Friends

By Hayley Dyer


Last Friday night I had a little migraine and decided to stay home and watch Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN for the FIRST TIME EVER. Yes, I realize it came out in 2001, but I was like twelve in 2001, so leave me alone – I didn’t see it in theaters. (I wasn’t actually twelve; I was fourteen. It doesn’t matter.) Anyways, so I’ve always been interested in seeing this movie and I was like “THIS IS MY NIGHT!” Coincidentally, I was wearing a bandana on my forehead (almost kind of like Gael Garcia Bernal… but I was trying to contain my headache – not trying to look particularly cool.) Whatever, so I had heard that this movie was good and that it was pretty sexy, if you know what I mean… but DAMN no one prepared me for this movie to shred my heart and soul! An intelligent film of two boys on their journey of hope and reality sharing a life in Mexico. Its beauty is about people discovering their personalities. Breath-taking pictures and love scenes. A panorama of the Mexican people from different social classes. Amazing and very erotic...Really worth seeing it! After the credits (just kidding, I did NOT watch the credits) I texted my BFF to break it down. Enjoy!