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Collin Lotter

Collin is co-creator and co-editor of Reel World as well as blogger and podcaster. He loves movies, television, music and all forms of culture. Collin loves to collect DVD/Bluray and Records for his pad and also is a huge fan of movie/music posters. After graduating from Baylor University as a rhetoric and argumentation major, he decided to go in a completely different direction for his professional career yet stayed true to his fascination with movies, television, and music. As well as those, Collin has an obsession with sports. He loves the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Baylor football, and Baylor basketball. Collin resides in the Knox/Henderson neighborhood of Dallas.

Favorite Movies - Almost Famous, Dazed and Confused, Dumb and Dumber, Anything David Fincher directed.

Favorite Television Shows - Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, House of Cards

Favorite Actors - Don Cheadle, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Directors - David Fincher, Richard Linklater, Cameron Crowe

Favorite Musicians - Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam



Robbie has been obsessed with movies from an early age. More weekends than not as a kid were spent going through a stack of Blockbuster rentals which led to an obsession with purchasing the latest Bluray release from Best Buy throughout high school and college. Despite graduating from an Ivy League school Robbie was unable to figure out that Bluray was a dying platform and now stores one of the largest collections of DVDs gathering dust while he streams the latest release from AppleTV. He resides in Deep Ellum, a chill neighborhood in Dallas, TX, and is not cool enough to live there. Robbie is co-creator and co-editor of Reel World and also contributes as a podcaster and blogger while also coordinating social media for @reelworldlive.

Favorite Movies - Scream, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Hateful Eight, American Psycho

Favorite Television Series - Breaking Bad, The Shield, Game of Thrones, True Detective

Favorite Actors - Christian Bale, Kate Winslet

Favorite Director - Quentin Tarantino

Favorite Musicians - Coldplay, The National, Metallica, The War On Drugs, TV On The Radio, Radiohead



Michael Copeland is a Reel World podcast talent and blogger, and currently serves as the head of Digital Media at Dallas Theater Center, where he is in charge of producing all video content, including television spots, and digital artwork for the theater. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors degree in Radio-Television-Film. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a production assistant for Academy Award-winning special effects artist, Matthew Mungle. He worked on the sets of such major television shows as “CSI,” “NCIS,” and “Bones,” helping to create many of the dead bodies and prosthetics used in these productions. Since then he has worked as an editor and cameraman for the sport of polo over in Europe and South America, and has adapted author Donna Arp Weitzman’s best-selling book, “Cinderella has Cellulite” into a screenplay that is currently being shopped.

For Michael, movies are his life, and he has been passionate about filmmaking since the age of 7. His idol is Paul Thomas Anderson, and cites “Magnolia” as his favorite film of all time. When he isn’t at the movies, he’s traveling, listening to music or his favorite radio station: 1310 The Ticket in Dallas. He is also an avid sports fan, and obsessed with college football. Hook ‘Em!


Logan Cutter


Logan runs the site administration for Reel World and also contributes as a blogger and podcaster.  If he's watching TV, he's finding the best movie or sporting event on.  He's devoted to the NBA so you'll have a hard time getting on his social calendar during playoff season. He's a Game of Thrones reader and enthusiast.  Logan tends to immerse himself in the science fiction or fantasy art form and disappear for hours.  

Favorite Movie- Drive

Favorite Book- Ready Player One

Favorite Actor- Michael Keaton

Favorite Musician- Foster the People





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