Picture Perfect or Window Dressing


By Donna Arp Weitzman | Author of Cinderella has Cellulite and Other Musings of a Last Wife

Is it true that no level of stature can assure immunity to the problems of life?

Often dubbed America's first couples of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, alt-rockers Gwen and Gavin, country music's Miranda and Blake, and hip hop stars Bey and Jay all have presented Facebook perfection.  Comforting their adoring fans with million-dollar smiles, luxury cars, and merger mania, America’s first’s flaunted spousal fame. Their televised harmonious duets personified a single symmetry, convincing little Cinderella’s to pay attention when Michael Jackson advised Paul McCartney to "keep dreaming."  Or to replay Barbra belting out, "Someday My Prince will come."

Should we blame these American pop music power players or hold a grudge with Miss Piggy for cutting Kermit's "ties that bind?"  How dare our society stoop so low that we allow a "white trash" porker to declare "love is dead!"

Have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram forced the notion of picture-perfect unions?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With our 24/7 lives presented in Technicolor, displaying our very best smiles, flaws are no longer permitted. More Facebook followers demand more fictionalized fairy tales.  There is no longer a place for crooked teeth. Perhaps meeting people online, sleeping with our newfound friend on the first date, and falling too fast exacerbates quick splits. Is society embracing the perfect couple because we embrace love too much, or are we simply embracing the idea of love?

Like married couples at large, these larger-than-life lovers are possibly drawn so close to each other that they start to see themselves in the others face. The theory is that a married couple begins to look alike. However, in the world of 21st century window dressing, it is easy to redecorate.  Window sills left open too long begin to rust.

But, pretty pictures like pretty windows often hide what’s inside.  Do idolized couples offer little to prepare us for life's complications?  Coached, counseled, stylized couples injure our psyches and invade our desires. Is watching celebrity weddings breathlessly as each star declares eternal faithfulness setting the stage for any lapse to be a collapse? Perhaps Kim and Kanye should revise a postnuptial agreement stating, "we'll only promise to do the best we can."

As fickle fans, we deserve better leadership in love. Tired, beleaguered Dr. Phil attempts to prepare us often touting to be married is to be in flux.  Feelings change, moods change, and lives change. Love leadership might be effective by celebrating each other's shortcomings; we would have no surprise by Bennifer’s demise. In the new world of doing the best we can, there'd be no more “nannygates”.  We'd easily forgive our mate peeing in the toilet while we brush our teeth.

Until we accept that there are likely few halcyon days in a duet, I dare say we'll continue to want the right thing to happen.  Our emotions desire the beautiful people to win.  Underneath, we have little faith to believe it to be true, but we still want it.  Sleeping Beauty does not divorce her Prince!

Lovers need leaders, and it appears the only visibly perfect union left lives in a big White House.

But, if Cinderella truly does have cellulite, and Miss Piggy is a demanding diva, can it be long until we see frayed edges on America’s first couple?  Will Michelle declare Barack as difficult?  Will President Obama chastise his missus for morning breath? The perfect circle enveloping Mr. and Mrs. O might become a little lopsided with an impending tear?

As Americans, let's not only pray for our nation but let's pray for our President to consciously couple. However, if there are clouds in their coffee, perhaps Michelle and Barack should prepare us by putting it out there.  Have a big-ole fight in front of us all; scream, kick, slam a few gilded doors, and for God's sake, put it all on YouTube!